Lifestyle Branding: The New Marketing Tool You Need to Know

It was about 5 years ago when I sat in front of 3 executives during an interview for a Visual Manager job with a higher-end shoe company when they asked me, “How would you sell our shoes?” My response – “I’d focus on your story…People are more likely to buy something that

Visual Merchandising – It’s All About Location

Location, Location, Location.   Usually when you hear this it’s in reference to, well, location. A piece of property, a city, a neighborhood. It’s typically when talking about a residential home or a business’ physical location. In the world of visual merchandising, location is the placement of product within a store. And just like

How to Design a Pop-Up Shop

Over the last few years, online shopping has given traditional retailers a run for their money; changing the way we shop as consumers. Where you once had to find and then go to a store to get what you needed, now it is available at your fingertips and dropped at your

Retail Design: Visual Merchandising 101

When I started my post-graduate career (after graduating from Interior Design) I started as a Visual Manager for H&M. This might seem like a weird entry level job choice for an interior design graduate but, in reality, there are a lot of similarities between Interior Design and Visual Merchandising. You’re

Retail Design Planning: Guiding Customer’s Through Your Store

When looking at interior design in retail, its more than just paint, mannequins and merchandise. Understanding how your customer uses the space, what your customers’ needs are and then planning the design around these is the difference between a retailer that’s making money and one that doesn’t.   In order to