Old & New : Blending a New Floor with an Existing Floor

When I bought my one bed, one bath condo I knew that it wasn’t going to be my forever home. I was in my late 20’s, single and no kids (other than the dog). Logistically a one-bedroom condo wasn’t going to work long term. To have two people in this home would

Rental Income : Preparing your Home for a Tenant

There may come a time where you decided to turn your primary residence into a rental property. This could be part of a long-term plan (like part of your retirement plan) or maybe comes out of a need. In either case, there are some things you should consider before turning

2020 Colour Trend Review : How You Can Use It

Disclaimer: we have not been hired by Benjamin Moore. This is strictly the opinions of the author.  One of the things that fascinates me the most about design is how drastically, and instantly, changing a colour can change a space. How a coat of paint can make something feel completely different than

Open Concept Design : Finding the Connection

When asking someone what their dream home looks likes, majority of people will say: “I want to be able to see the everything from the kitchen”   “I want to be able to see right to the back of the house from the front door”  “I want an open concept”  Open concept floor

411 – What You Need to Know About Renovating

If you have decided to take on a renovation, big or small, CONGRATS! It’s an accomplishment to have been able to put aside the money to do a reno and you should be proud! But taking on a renovation can come with an overload of emotions: Excitement if it’s a

Make Your Design Flow Seamlessly

There are many different design themes – rustic, classic, masculine/feminine, minimal, eclectic, country, modern, retro. Beach-y, Paris, farmhouse…You may choose one design theme for the entire home or you may choose to design each room in a different theme. But no matter what you choose, there are some simple things

5 Ways to Create an Outdoor Oasis in a Condo

The condo lifestyle is booming all around the world. As land availability decreases and the need for more homes increases, more and more condominiums are popping up. Condos give the younger generation an opportunity to get into the market and the older generations, empty nest-ers, an option for a smaller

Is Grey the new Beige in Home Décor?

In the early 2000’s beige became the ultimate neutral color for home décor. If you weren’t sure what color to paint your home…beige. Selling your home, your realtor would tell you paint it…beige. There was good logic to this. Beige is a warm color, a very homely feeling It’s a

How to Mix Masculine and Feminine Design Styles

Times have changed from when you would decorate a little girls’ room pink and a boys’ room blue. In today’s world, masculine and feminine designs aren’t necessarily gender specific, they are more a descriptive adjective. Women are soft, romantic, elegant; Men are strong, rustic, earthy. This isn’t to say that

Small Room? No Problem: Making Your Small Room Feel Big

Designing your small space can be a challenge – it has to function but also (of course) look good. Here are 5 tips to making your small space look larger than it is. Purge and Organize We all accumulate ‘things’ overtime. It’s the accumulation of these things that can make