Lipstick Renovations

Renovations can be fun. Well maybe not the actual renovation but the planning of the renovation and the celebration of the completed renovation are definitely fun.  There is nothing better than seeing a room go from Ugh to WOW. It is the ultimate moment of satisfaction.  

Renovations can be expensive. Depending on what you want to do; which type of renovation you are faced with; the cost for a renovation may be something that doesn’t fit within your everyday budget.  

The difference in type of renovation is important to understand. There are different kinds of renovation and they type of renovation will determine your budgeting needs –  

There is the, this house hasn’t been touched since 1920’s kind of renovation. There is the, this kitchen is too small kind of renovation. There is the, we are putting the house on the market kind of renovation. And we can’t forget the, I’m bored. Why doing we change…kind of renovation. (I’m guilty of this last one. VERY guilty). 

But, no matter what your budget, there is always a way to do some kind of an update at a relatively inexpensive price. A lipstick renovation. 

A lipstick renovation is a renovation that is primarily cosmetic. It typically consists of painting, refinishing or re-purposing exiting items to make the look new and fresh – Like how applying lipstick does when you put it on. This is an inexpensive way to update the room and make it work, even if it’s for a short amount of time.  

Lipstick renovations are great for: 

  • Making a room livable while you save for a full renovation 
  • Cleaning up a rental space (rental or Airbnb) 
  • Updating a room that was previously renovated but may have gotten tired (or you may have gotten tired of it) 

Making a room Livable While Saving for a Renovation 

The reality is a full renovation is expensive and if you are talking about a bathroom or kitchen renovation, it’s even more expensive. It might take some time to save before you are able to renovate these rooms. For rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, it might not be practical to just close the door and not go in there until you have the funds to renovate. By doing a quick lipstick renovation you can make the space at least tolerable for the time being for a small cost.  

Something as small as a new coat of paint can make the world of difference. Take old kitchen cabinets for example. You know the ones I’m talking about – dark and grainy wood cabinet that were in every kitchen in the 1980’s. Painting these a new, modern, colour will give them new life and bring them into the 21st century. It will make the kitchen feel fresh and brighter – All with a couple coats of paint.  

This also goes for the walls. Beige tends to be the go-to colour for keeping things neutral in homes. And it works but it can also make a room look dingy. Give the walls new life with a fresh colour and you’ll be surprised at how much of a difference it makes. 

Cleaning up a Rental 

Depending on the type of rental we are talking about here, replacing everything in the space is probably not in the budget. That said, the space still needs to presentable enough to get people interested in the rental. Just like in the above, a fresh coat of paint will go a long way in making the space feel welcoming. 

Making the space functional is also important. Refinishing or cleaning up old pieces of furniture can be an inexpensive way to solve a functional problem in the room. Take, for example, an old wood table. Clean it up, maybe adding a shelf between the legs, and a butcherblock top. Now you have a new island for extra counter space in the kitchen.  

Another piece of furniture that makes an easy conversion piece are dressers. You can remove the top or add a bowl sink to the exiting top and you have a great little vanity for little cost.  

If you are renovating a home, look for things that can be reused elsewhere. Old kitchen cabinets are great extra storage in laundry rooms, mud rooms and garages.  

For more information on designing rental spaces click here.  

Updating a Room that’s Been Renovated 

Designers and us HGTV lovers out there will be able to relate to this – you finish your renovations and 6 months, 1 year, goes by and you’re wanting to change something. New things come out; new trends come out. Your tastes change, or simply, you’re bored and that wall is right there asking you to do something to it. 

You have already spent the money to do the renovation and I’m sure it is gorgeous – don’t waist it! Now’s the time to make small changes to elevate the work you have already done.  

Again, painting is a great option. Colour is the biggest way to make a noticeable change in anything you do (room colour, dress colour, hair colour…). A room can feel bigger or smaller; taller or shorter, cooler or warmer; all based on the colour you have chosen. Colour can also pick up a different hue based on the other colours around it. A grey can look more purple than grey once it is on the wall or in certain light. Changing a paint colour after a renovation is relatively common. Plus, it’s an inexpensive thing to change that could make the world of difference. 

If the walls are, in your mind, perfect, maybe all you need is an accessory update. Change out your hardware on your kitchen cabinets – try a different finish or style. Change your chandelier over your dining table or pendants over your island.  You will be surprised how changing a small thing like an accessory, like in an outfit, it can completely change the style. 

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With a little lipstick you can go from day to night; classic to modern; contemporary to farmhouse; without having to do a full renovation. Not bad for a little lipstick. 

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